THING I DID FOR CLASS: Pink, pink, pink. (and cake)

     This past Thursday, I had to help a friend with a photography project. Her theme was food, and people representing food through colour.

     So she messaged me to be a model for her, because I have pink hair. 

     I had to try and represent cake, she asked me to do my best to somehow represent cake using makeup. It was harder than I had thought, she wanted me to try and make my eyes look like they had sprinkles on them, which I tried, can’t be sure if I succeeded. 

     She really wanted everything to just be pink, so lips included, and wanted me to make a heart on my lips.

     Sadly, I didn’t have two shades of pink that were different enough for it to pop out as I had wanted. But using Pink Nouveau and Impassioned from MAC cosmetics, have a subtle hint of the change of colour that still looked cute enough.

     Now, back to the eyes. I needed a lot of vibrant colour, so I decided to use a Sephora colour cosmetics pallet. I used their brightest pink as the base colour for my lids, then a slightly lighter, more toned down sparkly pink for my inner corners. I didn’t add any other colour to the crease or the putter corner of my eyes as I wanted to keep it simple and light.

      I then took the second darkest blue and just did some randomly placed lines here and there over my lid, I then repeated this with dark purple and bright as hell yellow. (Sadly, the blue and purple ended up looking almost the exact same in the end.)

      I also used eyeliner, as I usually do. But, I didn’t want to have it to loud or too dark to take away from the brightness that I had to portray. So I just did a long wing with a thin black line framing my eyes just to make them pop. 

     (Behind me in that last one is Ring Pops and blue candy.)

     I’m not sure what elsw I should write about for class so, this is all I have for now.